Comparing The Moneytizer and Ezoic: 2 platforms to help you monetize your website


Comparing The Moneytizer and Ezoic: 2 platforms to help you monetize your website

On paper, it’s quite simple: we are talking about two monetization platforms which have an impact on the development of your audience (website and/or blog). But how? Thanks to the advertisements! The Moneytizer and Ezoic seem to be great alternatives to Google AdSense. However, which reasons could motivate you to choose one platform or the other? 

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of these two platforms. 

Indeed, a comparative article is based on several criteria. That’s why we will focus our argumentation on the following:

  • How to sign in and what are the approval conditions? 
  • Which monetization methods do they use?
  • Their link with Google Adsense,
  • The quality of the support,
  • The information and the statistics on your activity,
  • The projection and simulation of your results.

What are the Validation requirements for The Moneytizer and Ezoic ? 

The Moneytizer

To join The Moneytizer, you have to own a website, whose pages are viewed more than 30,000 times a month. You can use it without creating a Google AdSense account. Indeed, their network is completely independent from Google AdSense and… from Google, in general. 


Ezoic requires to own a website with more than 10,000 pages viewed per month. They offer a service called “Access Now” for websites which have less than 10,000 views per month but are growing. It is mandatory to have a Google AdSense account.  

Which monetization methods do they use? 

The Moneytizer

The Moneytizer works with one types of auction which is CPM.

They also offer a larger ad units offer than Ezoic:

  • Standard ad units, such as the megabanner, the megaskycrapper or the bottom medium rectangle.
  • The high impact ad units, such as the skin, the pop or the recommended content which you usually encounter on e-commerce websites to do an additional purchase. 


Ezoic used CPM bidding, which means they use cost per impression through Google Ad Exchange to monetize your website. 

Furthermore, Ezoic offers a limited number of ad units. 

Google Adsense’s link with The Moneytizer and Ezoic

Ezoic is a partner of Google AdSense. That is why you need an account to use Ezoic’s services. They will use Ad Exchange ads. 

On the other hand, The Moneytizer works differently. They are totally independent from AdSense and have a large network of partners (+50) that are put in competition to offer you the best performance possible. 

The quality of their support

Ezoic offers traditional communication methods as well as a personal assistance. 

During and after the set up of their solution, you benefit from the support and close assistance. However, we have to specify that their customer support is almost entirely in English. 

The quality of The Moneytizer’s support is one of their main advantages. You get the opportunity to talk with one of the ten people in the Customer Success team. They are dedicated to the success of your set up. You can reach them by email, online chat or phone and they speak many languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian or even German. 

The information and the statistics on your activity

When you are on Ezoic’s dashboard, you benefit from a global vision on all of your websites as well as the statistics of the visits and revenue. 

You even have the possibility to look at your revenues information by segments: page, content,…

The Moneytizer offers a dashboard that’s easily understandable but doesn’t allow the segmentation of statistics.

The projection and simulation of your results

What does Ezoic offer? There are two possibilities:

  • You give them 10% of your revenues.
  • You position their ads for them.

However, due to their link with AdSense, you can’t do a revenue simulation on their website. 

On the other hand, it is possible to do so with The Moneytizer. 

This simulation is based on 3 criterias:

  • The number of pages viewed per month,
  • The Country where the majority of your traffic comes from.
  • The average time spent on a page.

To conclude, those two monetization platforms are efficient. Beyond their pros and cons, the thing to consider is your choice to work with an AdSense account or not. 

From there, you just need to know that Ezoic’s platform is simple and somewhat easy to use. You will essentially be giving them the keys to your website.

Finally, The Moneytizer’s algorithm is a significant advantage because it enables them to always deliver the best CPM to their publishers. Their large network of advertisers brings you a long trail ad units usually reserved for premium websites. Furthermore, the support team will go above and beyond to make sure you’re happy and that your site is fully optimized.

As the CEO and founder of The Moneytizer, Augustin Ory says: « The world of online advertising has become considerably more complex in recent years. Therefore, it is important to support all publishers so that you have access to the same monetization technologies, regardless of their size and expertise. » 

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