4 ways to increase the visiting time on your website


4 ways to increase the visiting time on your website

Every publisher would like its visitors to stay as long as possible on their website. Having a high rebound rate will reduce your conversions, and therefore your ad revenues. Let’s take a look at 4 ways you could make your visiting time higher on your website. 

Excellent design

A lot of visitors decide if they’ll stay on a web page in a second. Your website design must not be cluttered and should have easily readable pages. If the text format is too small for example, It could deter your visitors from staying on your site.

How to implement it?

Analyze your website, especially your homepage and make sure it includes key information that’s easy to find and to read. Make sure the text is big enough and that the information is well-placed so the visitor doesn’t have to scroll for too long to find it. 

Optimize it visually

Qualitative images are important, but they have to be optimized for the web. It means they have to be correctly saved to make sure the size of the file doesn’t slow down your website. Another tip could be to insert videos. It has been proven that good videos encourage visitors to stay longer. It is also a good way to maintain engagement and increase the probability of them seeing the ads. Their visiting time will necessarily be longer. 

How to implement it?

Measure the loading time of your pages by using a free tool to make sure your images are not too heavy. Most visitors expect a web page to charge in 2 seconds or less, otherwise they close it. If your images are slowing down your loading time, you can use Photoshop or Canva to save your images as “optimized for the web”. Moreover, evaluate the use of your videos and consider investing in it if you haven’t already. 

Internal links

Each page of your website must contain internal links connecting  it to other pages of your website or blog. If the visitors have easy access to more information, they will be likely to spend more time on your website. 

How to implement it?

Go to your website and count how many internal links you have on each page. If the number is too low, you can create more links. If you need better pages, start working on a strategy to create the necessary content. 

Engaging content

If part of your content resonates with your visitors, they might leave a comment. The more comments you’ll get, the more important your readers’ engagement will be. Why don’t you add “success stories”? People love happy endings. If they feel inspired, they will keep reading and might even share your website with their friends. 

How to implement it?

Add direct questions in your content, or your personal opinion. The readers might agree or not, but they will feel the need to express their point of view. The “success stories” can be about you or your clients. Create content that conveys emotions to your audience.  

Once you have optimized your site’s visiting time, we can help you monetize it. This will allow you to take advantage of your site and use it as an additional source of revenue through digital advertising. So join us now!

Which one of those 4 steps would you implement first to increase the visiting time on your website? 

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