How to monetize impressions and clicks?


How to monetize impressions and clicks?

Wouldn’t it be nice to earn ad revenues with visitors simply seeing your ads? And even more with the ones clicking on it? Welcome to the wonderful world of impressions! 

Smart Insight noticed that ads generate a 0.05% click rate. The technology is available and marketing has been changed so websites can generate revenues for each person viewing the ad. It’s called impressions, and that works even if they don’t click on it. That’s why it makes sense for advertisers. 

Are impressions the same as viewed pages? 

No, impressions are not the same as viewed pages. In 2018, Statista noticed that 30,1% of Americans used an ad blocking service. If some of those people visited your website, the ads were not displayed to them. This means that they won’t count as an impression. The same way, if visitors bounce from one page to the other before the ads are loaded, they won’t be counted as impressions. 

Are impressions Important? 

In the digital era that we live in, consumers always weigh in their options before buying, whether it is a product or a service. When they are exposed to ads, even if they don’t click on it, they will be more likely to take it into account in their research. Don’t forget that online ads can be targeted. Therefore, the visitors who see them can choose to follow this information. 

Are clicks more important?

Well, this depends on the ad’s goal. If the ad is part of a campaign that aims at generating traffic on a website, clicks are usually more useful to measure the return on investment of a particular ad. Impressions are particularly important for branding campaigns. The advertiser is mainly interested in the target audience viewing the ad, whether they act now or later. 

At The Moneytizer, we understand how important it is to generate revenue thanks to impressions and clicks. Our technology guarantees that your website ad units are filled and generate revenues based on these two elements. That’s how we maximize your ad revenues. 

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