5 best techniques to increase your blog traffic


5 best techniques to increase your blog traffic

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a lot of traffic on their website? Here are the 5 best techniques to increase the traffic of your blog. 

Offer qualitative content

Indeed, to optimize the traffic of your blog, you need content. Don’t bet on quantity but go for quality. Your choice of words, topics and way of writing will be the reasons why your visitors stay on your pages. To select your topics, focus on your target audience and what they would want to read. 


SEO is essential to increase your blog traffic. As a reminder, SEO aims at enhancing the ranking of your web pages among all the search results on the search engine thanks to key words. For a ranking to be considered good, it has to be at the top of the search engine page, ideally the first one. 

Don’t worry, a first approach to SEO is quite simple to put in place and should not scare you. It is even easier if you are using CMS like WordPress or Drupal. They have tools integrated to help you. 

Social media

To establish a good communication and to widen your target market, there’s no better way than social media. This tool will enable you to gain great visibility. There are 465 millions users on Twitter, more than 850 millions on Facebook and more than 130 millions on LinkedIn.

The goal of social media is sharing and interacting. By posting a link that leads to your blog, the aim is for it to be shared by a large amount of people. Of course, you will need to be patient before you make a real impact. Don’t spam your contacts by posting everyday in an intrusive way. Moderate your posts, be steady and keep them interesting. 

Set up tools to measure your audience

A lot of tools exist to measure the audience of your website: Google Analytics, ComScore, Compete, Quantcast, Alexa, Nielsen Online… 

For those of you who might feel intimidated by these tools, you should know that the easiest one to use is Google Analytics. Furthermore, it is free. Thanks to it, you can know where your visits come from, what are the sources of quality traffic and learn more about your visitors. 

Have a visibly appealing blog

Website design is essential. A website with non-complementary colors, a bad structure, or ugly typos could lead your visitors to leave as quickly as they entered. That’s why it is so important to be cautious when choosing the images, colors and typos of your website. Indeed, the selected images must be adequate with your blog theme. Also, make sure they are copyright free so that you can share them freely. 

Furthermore, don’t overload your blog with useless information that could deteriorate your image and the user experience. Uncluttered websites are preferred and people will be more likely to stay longer. Using icons can also make your website more dynamic

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