Everything you need to know about CPM


Everything you need to know about CPM

“CPM, CPC, CPA… what does it mean?” There are many types of pricing. If you’re looking to monetize your website, you must have heard of it. But do you really know how it works and how to optimize it? At The Moneytizer, we are CPM enthusiasts and we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about CPM…

How does it work? 

Among all the billing methods in online advertising, you can find that Cost Per Thousand, more known as CPM, is extremely effective. It represents the cost billed to the advertiser for a thousand impressions on a web page. You may wonder, what is an impression? This term is often used in online advertising. It is the display of an ad on a page. You are paid by views, not by click. Magical, isn’t it? Your visitors don’t have to click on the ads for you to earn revenue!

Number of impressions = number of pages viewed? 

Unfortunately no, The number of page views does not always equal the number of impressions. Indeed, with some users using adblockers, the ads are not always  displayed on your website for that part of your visitors. Furthermore, some visitors are used to coming to your website and leave the pages quickly. In that case, the ads don’t have enough time to load and this results in no impression being generated. Finally, it depends on the placement of your ads. That way, if your ads have no visibility, no impression is accounted for. 

Did you know? D-Block, our new partner enables the display of your ads even to people with AdBlock. The number of impressions is maximized! 

How to optimize your CPM? 

If you have a website, you’re certainly looking to increase your CPM. The higher the CPM, the more revenues you earn. But how do you optimize it? As we mentioned earlier, the traffic on your website doesn’t define the number of impressions but it is a major factor. Thus, the more visibility you have, the more efficient the ads will be. This will increase your CPM, and therefore your revenues. 

Nevertheless, the CPM value can increase thanks to other elements than the number of views of an ad. A particular audience can have a higher value for some advertisers, it will increase the CPM. Furthermore, even if you choose to work with CPM, the more the ads generate clicks, the higher the biddings will get which will boost your CPM as well. Also, Depending on the period of the year, the profitability of an ad can fluctuate. One helpful hint: you can increase your CPM thanks to video ads

At The Moneytizer, we guarantee filled ad units on your website to maximize the number of impressions and clicks, and therefore leave you with the highest revenues. 

Now that you are an expert on CPM and how to optimize it! At The Moneytizer, we will support you through the whole monetization process for your website. We help you by providing the best ad units that will give you the highest returns without compromising on quality! Sign up now! 

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