ADS.TXT: the mandatory international norm to monetize a website


ADS.TXT: the mandatory international norm to monetize a website

ADS.TXT is a measure initiated by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) to reinforce the transparency of online advertisement. Thanks to this file that needs to be integrated by the publishers, a new level of trust is created between publishers and advertisers

If you have already integrated the ADS.TXT file with other partners than the Moneytizer, it is important to add the entirety of our file in order to display ads with our platform. 

What is ADS.TXT? 

ADS.TXT (Authorized Digital Sellers) is a text file that must be integrated asap by every publisher who monetizes its website. Launched by the IAB to fight against publishers’ fraud, this new norm is essential for the transparency of online advertisement. 

That is why most advertisers have stopped buying ad spaces on the websites which haven’t integrated the ADS.TXT file. 

The file identifies all the authorized advertising partners who are able to display and buy ad campaigns on your pages. 

What are the additional security measures taken for publishers and advertisers? 

Once this file is integrated, it is impossible for a website identity to be stolen. 

Example: a person who owns a porn website cannot work with advertising agencies. This person could subscribe to a monetization platform like The Moneytizer by giving a fake url, for a news website. The tags given by the advertising agency could be integrated on the porn website. By urging the publishers to place the ADS.TXT file on the news website, the ownership of the website is assured. 

For the advertiser, ADS.TXT is the insurance to display its ad campaign on the targeted websites. And therefore, to spend more on ad spaces. 

With such transparency between the advertiser and the publisher, this new norm makes it easier for everyone to increase their revenues. The advertiser won’t waste its budget on fraudulent websites while the publisher will benefit from an additional budget and sell its ad spaces at the best price. 


How to integrate the ADS.TXT file on my website? 

To sell your ad spaces at the best price, you have to integrate the file given by The Moneytizer on your website. Here is the detailed process:

A. Login to your dashboard The Moneytizer :

B. On the page « TAGS », download the file ads.txt on your website(s). The file is the same for all of your websites. 

C. To integrate the file, you need the “ftp codes” of your server. Depending on your web hosting platform, they can be in different places. 

D. If your website is hosted by WordPress, you’ll see the folder “wp-content”. Be careful: the file must not be placed in this file but at the same level of the structure of your website.

E. On the left window of your computer, do a right click on the ads.txt file that you downloaded and click on “Send”. The file will be directly transferred to the right place. 

F. To make sure everything is working, you just have to type this: http(s)://

Do you have a question regarding the ads.txt file? Reach out to our team! We’re here to help. 

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