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Questions related to ADS.TXT

What is the ads.txt file?

The ads.txt file is a new mandatory standard created to prevent fraud relevant to the ad space. (In order to properly monetize your website it is necessary to add the ads.txt file so that your website can be registered with our partners) All the information about this new standard can be found here: of the integration procedure.

I have integrated all of your ads.txt lines at the root of my website. However, I still have the message asking me to integrate it on my personal space, why?

Each week, our team scans every websites of our network. Thus, it is normal if the message stays a few days after the integration. To check if you have well integrated the ads.txt file, you can check that all the lines of this page : are also present on this page :

I already have an ADS.TXT file at the root of my website, how could I add yours ?

You must add all the lines of our ADS.TXT file following the lines already in your file, regardless if some partners are already there.