FAQ The Moneytizer

Questions related to Google Products (DFP, Adsense, SEO)

Are your tags compatible with Google DFP adserver?

Our javascript tags are completely compatible with Google DFP. However, it is imperative to uncheck the box titled "Released in a SafeFrame frame" to allow buyers to access the information of the site. In some very rare cases, DFP can “reject” The Moneytizer’ tags (or those of other adnetwork). In this case, the only option is to wait one day or two and then replace the tags following the usual process.

Is your platform compatible with Adsense?

Our ad units are 100% compatible with Google Adsense. Warning: if you already have ads.txt file with your own Google ID, you have to add all of the lines present in ours (Google’s ones included). All the information about the ads.txt:

My website is blacklisted by Google Adsense, can I register on your platform?

Google Adsense can blacklist some websites for two main reasons: - first because they detect fraudulent activity on your website (fake traffic to increase your revenues : you click yourself on your ad banners, or a robot that generates clicks, etc.). - second because your website has inappropriate content for mass-market advertisers (pornographic, illicit, racist, streaming, etc.). Keep in mind that generally, it is very complicated for a publisher to counter the decision of Google and being “un-blacklisted”. You cannot directly talk to someone from Google and therefore have to fill out forms. Most of the time Google doesn’t explain the reason of the blacklist and understanding Google policies is difficult. For a publisher, being blacklisted overnight is most of the time losing his unique way of monetization, which is sometimes an important source of revenue. We advise you keep your website clean with qualitative content and traffic so that it doesn’t happen. Know that even if Google is one of our advertising partners, there are many others allowing you to monetize your website (assuming that your traffic / activity is clean of course!). However, Google is the world’s largest provider of online advertising because it is used by millions of advertisers around the world. As Google fill a big part of your inventory, you will have a hard time to obtain a 100% fill rate after being blacklisted by them. It means that you will not always display ads when a surfer goes on your pages (causing a decline in your income). Nevertheless, The Moneytizer is in partnership with 40 worldwide advertising companies in order to optimize your ad revenues. Thus, when you are blacklisted Google, it can be a good idea to try new ad units on your website. You could therefore generate good income supplement with innovative ad units enjoying good CPM. Do not forget that high impact and video ad units are really appreciated by advertisers

Google no longer indexes my pages since I have placed your advertising tags, why?

The bot Google uses to index webpages blocks advertising scripts. Even though the script is blocked by Google it has no effect on the indexing of your pages. Only the advertising script is blocked, but not the rest of your page.