FAQ The Moneytizer

QUESTIONS RELATED TO YOUR WEBSITE (Wordpress, your domain, Blogger)

My website moved to https. What do I have to do?

If your website was registered on The Moneytizer before moving to a SSL certificate, you must contact our team in order for us to make the appropriate changes needed.

I use WordPress to manage my website. Do you offer a specific solution?

The Moneytizer’s tech team has developed a plugin to facilitate the integration of your ad units on your website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/the-moneytizer/. https://fr.wordpress.org/plugins/the-moneytizer/

From the plugin, you can : - Register new websites - Ask for new formats - See your daily stats

I changed the name of my domain. What do I have to do?

Our buying partners use the domain name of your website to target their ads. In order to guarantee the proper monetization of your website, you must let us know when the name of your domain changes.

Can I register sub domains?

Our buying partners use the domain name of your website to target their ads. It is impossible to differentiate between subdomain and domain due to the volume of buyers that we put in competition on your site

I use Blogger for the management of my website. Can I integrate The Moneytizer ads?

You can integrate our ad units on your website if you are the owner of the domain name without the “blogspot” extension. Our advertising partners use the domain name to display their ads. If the url of your website uses the following template mywebsite.blogspot.com, your website is a subdomain of blogspot and no information can be retrieved by advertisers about the content of your website.