FAQ The Moneytizer

Validation Criteria

The Moneytizer is a secure network, this is why your website should comply with certain criteria in order to monetize a website with our platform.

It is required to own a domain to begin with. This means, you cannot register a subdomain on the platform, for example or some subpage of your website such as http:/ or

__Websites created through platforms like Wix or Jimdo cannot be accepted, these platforms do not allow access to a website's server. This makes monetization impossible since in order to place the ads.txt file you need access to your server information. __

Websites that wish to monetize with our platform, must have high quality, up-to-date content and sufficient material. We will not be able to accept sites with three or four articles, for example.

| As of this year your website must have a minimum of 30,000 unique visitors in the 30 days prior to the time of registration.

||| We also do not accept websites that offer or share streaming services, illegal downloads, that do not respect copyright, website that display sexual content, violence, dating websites, social networks and/or gambling sites. We don’t accept social media channels either. For example, you won’t be able to monetize your Instagram profile or your Youtube channel with us.