FAQ The Moneytizer

Why does The Moneytizer require a one-month commitment period?

For all publishers registered on the platform after March 11, 2024

At The Moneytizer, we focus on flexibility and long-term performance.

That's why we're now offering a month-to-month partnership, with an initial commitment of 30 days.

This period is essential to enable us to fully optimise your site.

Our aim is not to hold you back against your will, but to build a lasting and fruitful partnership for both parties.

The 30-day commitment is crucial to ensure that your site is fully connected with our advertising partners and starts to benefit from the best possible remuneration.

Once this initial phase is over, you will have access to the true value of our advertising solution.

If, after this period, you are not entirely satisfied, breaking our contract will be very simple.

We want our partnership to be based on mutual satisfaction, not contractual constraints.