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Классические Форматы

Online advertising is one of the most efficient ways to promote a company. Profitable and precise, there’s nothing quite like it to reach your target audience. Therefore, online advertising has become a lucrative industry which has experienced exponential growth those past few years.

The IAB (International Advertising Bureau) is a professional association of the online advertising industry. They created an ad units norm which is used by all the main advertising platforms. Having such a norm enables advertisers to manage their campaigns on different platforms more easily. According to this IAB classification, we offer the most popular standard ad units.


The megabanners ad units are very used by advertisers because they are pleasing to the eye and occupy a large surface. This format is interesting in web design because the horizontal banner is more visible to a targeted audience than an ad that appears on the side or vertically.


This megabanner (728 x 90 pixels) is a simple format, yet efficient. More imposing than a classic banner, it is placed in the upper part of your website. Perfect for the visibility of advertisers, it allows them to develop affiliation campaigns in which both the advertiser and the publisher are winners thanks to the traffic generated for both parties.

Compatible with desktop & mobile (320×100 max), it will enable you to attract a greater number of advertisers and therefore, to generate a more important CPM

This ad unit has three major advantages that increase the effectiveness of the ad. It facilitates and offers a large communication space, stimulates the creativity of advertisers (attractive ads). Moreover, it is not very intrusive compared to other formats such as the pop-up. However, its imposing size can sometimes be difficult to integrate into a minimalist site aesthetic and can therefore be in conflict with it.

Megabanner bottom

This format of 728×90 pixels, similar to the Megabanner format mentioned above, is placed in the lower part of your website. Although this banner is placed in a less visible part of your site, its size is nevertheless very appreciated by advertisers to broadcast attractive and impactful content. It will allow you to obtain a greater ease of distribution, which is interesting for advertisers. Compatible with sites visited on desktop & mobile, it has the same advantages and disadvantages as the megabanner. 

The megabanners of 728×90 pixels are certainly not the only formats available for advertising purposes.

Medium rectangles

Ads on medium rectangles have become more and more popular with advertisers. Standard size medium rectangles were introduced to help advertisers meet industry requirements. These ads can be placed anywhere on a website or blog, and their content is static. 

Top medium rectangle

This ad unit of 300×250 pixels is as essential as it is effective. By positioning itself on the top part of your website, it does not hinder the reader. This format allows you to integrate standard ad formats but also videos, which attract more and more advertisers. This format is compatible both on desktop and on mobile. It is suitable for all advertisers’ projects. This allows you to open your site to a large number of them to bring you a better quality of ads that will not be intrusive for the reader.

Bottom medium rectangle

This format of 300×250 pixels is part of the medium rectangles’ family. It is placed on the lower right part of your website and is desktop & mobile compatible. Like the top medium rectangle, it has the ability to integrate different content. Unmistakable by the Internet user, it incorporates very well to the sites without distorting the aesthetics and infrastructure of them. This type of ad unit has a great visibility and remains non-intrusive.

Standard ad units such as medium rectangles have many advantages, such as increased engagement, better targeting and higher CPMs. They can also be delivered on multiple platforms such as desktop, mobile and apps. But there are many others, such as the Skyscraper family, those long formats on the sides of your content.



One of the main digital formats used and also one of the most popular. High and thin, with a size of 120×600 pixels, it is placed on the right side of your content and runs along the height of your page. It can look like a site skin. The visibility of the skyscraper is prolonged during the reading of the visitor since the format scrolls at the same time as the reader walks on the page. Compatible on desktop & mobile, this format is certainly visible longer, it is also more difficult for advertisers to create content in this format considering the lack of width for an advertising message.

Mega skycraper

The “mega” version of the skyscraper (160×600 pixels) is currently the most used. It is placed on the right side of your texts and remains visible as the user scrolls down. Like the previous format, in addition to being visible, the megaskycraper is not very intrusive. It adapts very well to the graphic design of your website to limit the intrusion of the format on the page. Larger, it also makes the graphic creation of content easier for advertisers.

Half page

One of the stars of the IAB selection, this ad unit of 300×600 pixels is very popular with premium advertisers thanks to its impactful and uniform size. Desktop & mobile compatible, the half page lets advertisers develop their brand messages and images in more creative formats thanks to a larger size. By positioning itself on the side, it remains minimally intrusive and can generate a high CPM without interfering with page reading. Its width makes it easier for advertisers to create content, making it more engaging and effective for creative campaigns.


This widescreen ad unit of 970×250 pixels is more and more popular with advertisers. It is positioned on the top part of your website and appeals directly to the reader without distorting the infrastructure of your site. This is what makes the billboard interesting and effective for advertisers seeking to develop their visibility through digital advertising. This format is compatible desktop & mobile (Medium Rectangle 300×250).

To discover the other ad units offered by The Moneytizer, visit the dedicated page.

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