AdSense alternatives if you’ve been blacklisted


AdSense alternatives if you've been blacklisted

Nowadays, a lot of publishers use Google AdSense to monetize their website. However, most of them don’t know all of the terms of usage for that platform. That’s why some websites get blacklisted temporarily or even permanently. 

There are some essential rules that you need to know if you want to avoid getting blocked by AdSense. Here are the main ones: 

-Sexual content is strictly forbidden and not endorsed by Google. 

-Trying to trap Google by using “click-bait” ads to your advantage. 

-Not being absolutely transparent with AdSense regarding the privacy policy of your website. 

-Trying to hide something from Google is a bad idea: google always ends up finding out the truth. 

-Be careful when placing too many ads on your website: it can get you banished. Plus, too much advertising doesn’t equal high revenues and can affect your audiences experience negatively. 

-It is strictly forbidden to click repeatedly on your own ads, manually or with a bot. Fraudulent clicks go against AdSense’s terms of use. If suspected of doing this, the platform will send you an email to inform you of the suspension of your account. 

-You must not modify the Google AdSense codes that you were given or integrate them on iFrames. Some mild changes are allowed, but you must not touch the final code. 

-It isn’t necessary to create a new account for each new website. 

The Alternatives to Google Adsense 

Unfortunately, it is possible to get banished from using AdSense. But there are ways to get your account back. By filling a form, for instance, you will be able to contact Google. However, the odds that they will reconsider their decision are low. In that case, or if you simply wish to diversify your sources of revenue, there are other solutions. 

CPM-based Advertising Sales Agencies are the best alternative

CPM-based Advertising Sales Agencies like ours are the easiest and most profitable alternative. The Moneytizer guarantees only  quality ads are displayed and the content is brand-safe. The Moneytizer  works exclusively at CPM (cost per thousand impressions), so your visitors do not need to click on the ads to start generating income like with AdSense and other Setups. 

For example, at The Moneytizer, we gather the most profitable ad units for our publishers. From standard to high impact, you can find and choose the most suitable ad units for your website; depending on its design and the experience you want to bring to your users. 

Our platform uses a  technology called “header bidding”. In other words, for each page loading, we generate a real-time auction between our 50 partners in which the highest bidder displays the ad. This is done  to maximize our publishers’ revenues. And you can benefit from this technology that’s usually reserved for some of the largest websites

Affiliation, the logic of effort

Affiliation is a marketing method based on performance in which a company rewards you with affiliates. The four essential pillars are: 

  • The advertiser
  • The advertising sales agency
  • The affiliate
  • The user

This method is often crossed with other advertising methods. Publishers usually use other marketing methods such as SEO, content marketing, marketing emails and SEA. Often neglected by advertisers, affiliates play an important role in marketing strategies. 

To be clear, affiliation is a lucrative alternative to AdSense, but it requires a lot of time and personal commitment for it to work. 

Recommended content: “Be careful of click-bait!”

Think about the last time you read an article and saw multiple article thumbnails “RECOMMENDED FOR YOU”. There you have it, that’s what is called “recommended content”. 

The goal is to offer a to publishers a way to generate high revenues using their website, and without displaying invasive ads. Those recommendations engines are usually easy to implement. However, it could be considered that they go against the publishers’ best interest as they make the reader leave the website. Furthermore, a lot of publishers are frustrated because they are unable to control the quality and the relevance of the displayed content. 

The recommended content is often considered as “click-bait”. Sometimes, the displayed content doesn’t match the users’ interests. Worst case scenario, it can shock or annoy them. 

What are the other options? 

There are a lot of options to monetize your website, but they aren’t all profitable for you. You could be tempted to display pop-up ads but it’s often considered as annoying and invasive. Another solution could be direct ads, but it requires time and a good knowledge of the market to be sure you don’t get ripped off. 

In conclusion, it’s up to you to decide what’s the best option for your website among all those options. It depends on your site’s  design, the user experience you want to offer and the time you’re willing to invest in its monetization

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