How to optimize your website’s revenue?


How to optimize your website’s revenue?

Learning how to optimize your website’s revenue means using optimization methods to get more attention from advertisers. 

To increase your revenues, The Moneytizer provides you with a range of solutions by putting advertisers in competition with each other to ensure you get the best CPM. Only, to optimize your CPM, you need some good advice.

Indeed, what types of ad units should you go for? How do you ensure the best combination of these? How to make sure they are visible?

In this article, we propose to discuss the means at your disposal to obtain the results you expect but also the factors that can negatively impact them. Learn how to optimize your website’s revenue now.

Optimize the revenues of your website easily

Optimizing your ad units

Generally, we advise you to go for an optimal set up made of a maximum of 3 or 4 ad units. The goal is to have a mix of standard and high impact ones. 

Make sure you maximize the standard ad units visibility because it’s an important criteria for advertisers. The formula is simple: a visible ad unit = higher CPM and more impressions. 

Here are a few examples of mixed set up for an editorial website:

  • a footer slide-in 
  • a medium rectangle/ half page/ megaskyscrapper sticky in sidebar 
  • a megabanner integrated in lazy loading every 5 or 6 paragraphs

  • skin
  • megabanner in lazy loading
  • medium rectangle/half page in sidebar

  • footer Slide In or Megabanner in sticky in the footer
  • in-text 
  • a Standard ad unit

A/B test different ad units combinations

We recommend that you always test. Depending on the site, some formats may work better than others on identical locations. 

Therefore, testing is required to determine which ones work best.

Manage the ads visibility

Here are the ways you can manage your ads visibility:

  • stick the ad unit when the website’s design allows it. For instance: on a right or left sidebar so the ad remains visible all along the article.
  • use lazy loading to maximize the content monetization

Among the ad units you can stick, there is: 

  • megabanner (at the top of the page or in the footer),
  • megaskyscraper, 
  • skyscraper,
  • medium rectangle,
  • half page.

Little tip: what does integrating an ad unit with lazy loading means? 

It is a matter of dynamically duplicating the format along the article without integrating the same script several times. The format appears automatically every X paragraphs when the visitor is on the page. Lazy loading allows you to improve the loading time of your website, especially if your site has a lot of content.

What are the factors that can reduce revenues? 

First of all, make sure that the consent banner is well integrated, otherwise the ads do not run or run very little with low CPMs. (If it is mandatory in your country)

Afterwards, keep your ads.txt file up-to-date so you’ll always benefit from our newest partners.

Be careful! Displaying too many formats on your website can slow down its loading time.

Avoid integrating ad units that are not too visible and make sure the consent banner gathers the list of our partners/sellers.

Finally, do not place the same script several times on the same page. Each script must be placed once. That is why we have top medium rectangle / bottom medium rectangle and megabanner / megabanner bottom.

This article is coming to an end. We hope it will have provided you with avenues for improvement or complement your current knowledge.

It is important to remember that each website is different in content and in form. We gave you a few ideas to optimize but the best solution remains to book a call with our Customer Success Team to make sure you gave the best set up without damaging the user experience. Book a call now!

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