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You want to share your passion for cooking? Whether you are in the process of creating your blog or you already have an attentive audience to your new recipes, this article is for you. Monetizing your cooking blog is a little like living off of your passion! And that’s a good thing, because it can be a profitable passion. We are going to explain why monetizing your blog can be interesting and the best and easiest way to do it. Ready to gather your best recipes?  

Why monetize your blog?

Historically, cooking blogs have always been the most popular. Whether they are generalist or specialized on vegetarian recipes or desserts for example, the appeal of cooking blogs has never waned. 

It doesn’t matter if you are more Italian or Japanese cuisine, the demand will be there. If your recipes are original and well presented, you have all your chances to attract a maximum of visitors. And if you post regularly, you’ll even build loyalty. 

Cooking and running a blog takes time, so it makes sense that you’d want to earn an income from this activity. We know that you are primarily a content creator and how important it is that you have the time to focus on that. 

A cooking blog is particularly interesting for CPM monetization (payment according to the number of views of the ad). Indeed, visitors tend to spend a lot of time on your pages, the necessary time to realize the recipe. And this time spent on your pages brings you money! Especially with our Smart Refresh technology that restarts an ad auction every 20/30 seconds to display a new ad. 

Creating your cooking blog

Guess which type of blog always ranks first in popularity in almost every country? Of course, it is cooking blogs! As you can imagine, there is a bit of competition, but recipes are such a varied field that you will have no trouble standing out if you start your blog. 

It’s up to you to choose a theme that is important to you, an attractive design and content that is just as attractive. If you can specialize in French or Vietnamese cuisine for instance, it’s even better! Do not forget to choose a name that’s original and easy to remember so that your visitors won’t have any trouble recalling it when it’s time to type in the search bar. 

When it comes to choosing a platform, WordPress is obviously the best known but there are dozens of options depending on your level of knowledge. Don’t hesitate to ask around and compare the different solutions to find the one that suits you best. 

We said it already, managing a blog requires a time investment. For it to succeed, it is essential that its content is original and unique, that your photos are appealing (we are talking about food!) and finally that you keep it updated regularly. That’s how you’ll lay the foundation for the development of a solid community. 

How to monetize your cooking blog? 

In order to be monetized effectively, a blog must still meet certain criteria. The most important one is to have enough traffic. Indeed, when you launch your culinary blog, it won’t necessarily meet this criteria but it can come fast if you offer quality content. 

For content creators, advertising remains one of the best ways to earn money. You know those banners you see on almost every site you visit? Well, online advertising has some specificities that make it more complex than others, like press or television for example. 

That’s where companies like The Moneytizer come in to help you manage your ad campaigns easily. The Moneytizer acts as an intermediary between advertisers (brands that want to run their ads) and publishers (website owners who agree to run banner ads). Thanks to a wide choice of formats, such as megabanner or footer, you can select the ones that best fit your site’s design. 

Monetizing a blog can be very interesting for you, once you have enough traffic. By displaying ads on your cooking blog, you will earn revenues while focusing on the essential: your content! So do not hesitate to try The Moneytizer to make your life easier. Furthermore, if you are using WordPress, we have a plugin that’s really easy to use. 

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