Why is there an increase in ad revenue at the end of the year?


Why is there an increase in ad revenue at the end of the year?

You might have noticed your ad revenue increase at the end of the year. The fourth quarter of the financial year is always the best for monetization! It is a key moment for advertisers and they plan to use a large portion of their budget to target consumers during this time period. During this time, the value of ad spaces and the rate of ad campaigns consistently improves. This results in better monetization and more money for your site. Let’s get into the details about why the end of the year is the best time for your ad revenues. 

What causes this?

There are general trends in advertising. July and January are the two months when revenues can be at their lowest. There is a decrease in advertisers budgets during these months. This is a result from advertisers saving for money for more lucrative months such as the ones before holidays for instance. Events like Christmas, Mother’s day, Black Friday… lead to more sales for advertisers. If you have noticed an increase in your revenues, don’t worry if the rhythm slows down at the beginning of the year. It will increase again in the spring. 

How to make the most of it?

It would be a shame not to benefit from this great period! Your revenues will likely increase without any action on your part. However, you can make the most of it with just a few changes. 

The first thing to do for a significant increase is to place more ad units than usual. Don’t overdo it though. Plan an optimization call with our Customer Success team! They will advise you on how to efficiently place your ad units and get the best revenues possible, without altering the user experience. 

Don’t hesitate to boost your traffic by publishing new content regularly and sharing your content on social media. It is also a good time to work on your partnerships to obtain links on other websites. Furthermore, make sure your website loads quickly. You get the idea, take time to work on your SEO. 

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