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There are numerous platforms which offer different levels of services depending on the publisher’s profile. At The Moneytizer, we do a value scale between our publishers. We are also aware that you don’t always know what’s going on at the technical level. That is the reason why we decided to write this article on everything you do not see and to introduce all the features we offer… to all of our editors! 

Header Bidding 

Header Bidding deserves a bit more than a paragraph. If you want to understand how Header Bidding works, you can find our complete article here.

You’ll understand why it’s the most advantageous solution for publishers. 

Discrepancy optimization 

In the programmatic world, a “discrepancy” is the difference between the impressions reported by partners and by ours. We always look for these discrepancies, which may be due to different calculation methods, to ensure that the number of impressions is always accurate. Make sure that you receive the revenue for your impressions is one of our top priorities. 

Manage ad partners

Our dedicated team is in contact with our different partners everyday. They work tirelessly to develop our network with local and international partners. It is this work that enables us to be one of the advertising agencies today, offering the most advertising partners to our publishers. 

All IAB ad units at your disposal

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) offers flexible ad units integrating the LEAN principles (Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive ad). The IAB has established ad units norms so that publishers and advertisers always know the size of the formats to be able to create visuals or place them on their website. Those norms are recognized  in the advertising industry all over the world. A guarantee of safety!

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

It has to be one of the greatest advantages of The Moneytizer! The Customer Success Team takes care of its publishers. You will have a person in charge of your account who will accompany you in the implementation of your advertising set up as well as its optimization over time. Do not hesitate to call her according to your availability!

Support: email, phone

A web platform where the human is erased? Certainly not with us! It won’t be bots answering your questions. You can count on the reactivity of our Customer Success Team and their availability in 7 languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German or even Russian. 

Advanced Technical Support

In addition to spending their time constantly improving our platform, our team of developers is there to make sure the monetization works. They are in constant contact with the Customer Success team to answer any technical questions you may have. Real expertise in-house, that changes everything!

Access to the best ad networks

The Moneytizer’s Product Department selects the best ad networks, both globally and locally. Always on the lookout for programmatic trends thanks to a permanent market and performance watch, they do everything to offer you access to the most effective ad networks.

Custom Optimization 

We know that each website is different. Our optimization calls won’t be about advising all the publishers to install the same ad unit. We take the time to study your website and its different pages for an ad set up that makes sense. We don’t compromise on user experience. With us, you are sure to have a quality site, not a Christmas tree (even if we love the holidays). 

Premier access to cookieless solutions

The end of third party cookies on Google Chrome is coming soon! The Moneytizer has been getting ready for it for a while now by testing different solutions. When the time comes, we will be able to offer you the best solutions on the market. Tested and approved! 

Dynamic floor price optimization

In the programmatic world, a floor price is a fixed CPM price which acts as a threshold above which bids are allowed to participate in the auction. In other terms, a floor price prevents advertisers from buying ad impressions at prices below a certain amount set by the publisher or monetization partner. To make sure you always get the best revenues, we ensure the floor prices are constantly optimized.

Ads.txt management

We have created ads txt auto that allows us dynamically update your files, making sure to keep only active sources of demand.

We never add the duplicates of the lines, but only keep the valid lines. In addition to its mandatory aspect, updating the ads.txt file is essential to take advantage of the new demand sources we add regularly.

Bidder variation testing

In order to make sure that your stack of the SSPs is performing in the best way we test different combinations of partners. Having 50 active SSP they are never plugged all together to the same website, we make sure that only the most active partners by GEO, Category of the site etc are being connected.

If we see that one or few partners on a particular GEO are not performing, they will be disconnected from a domain.

API Access

Our publishers have access to our API instrument in order to automate the process of working with us. Statistics, SSP info, onboarding ets are available through dev tools 

Ad revenue forecasting

Thanks to our team’s years of experience, we know all about the different variations of advertising revenues. Seasonality is no longer a secret for us! This allows us to accompany you to always optimize your advertising set up. 

Beta-tester program

In 2021, we launched the beta-tester program to our members. We offered our most loyal and committed users the opportunity to try out our newest features before everyone else. So they had access to the Moneybox before anyone else, and to all our new formats. We took their feedback into account to immediately improve our services. 

Want to know the good news? All The Moneytizer users can become beta testers if they want to! Just send us a little message 😉

We thought it was important to give you more details about the many “hidden” features we offer to our editors. Convinced yet? The easiest way is to try it! Register now, it’s free and without obligation. 

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