Adsterra vs The Moneytizer


Adsterra vs The Moneytizer

Are you looking for a solution that’s able to help you monetize the content of your website or blog through programmatic advertising?

You’ve come to the right place to discover the characteristics of two monetization platforms: The Moneytizer and Adsterra.

Those two good alternatives to Google Adsense have strong arguments that we suggest you discover. 

Bien sûr, il est facile de comprendre que The Moneytizer et Adsterra sont des atouts pour :

Indeed, it’s easy to understand The Moneytizer and Adsterra are assets when it comes to: 

·         Increasing your revenues;

·         Save resources, time and energy;

·         Generate a high return on investment;

·         Benefit from experts’ tips.

Thus, we will learn more about their advantages, way of operating, as well as the projection and simulation of your results. 

 The Moneytizer and Adsterra

The Moneytizer is a global advertising platform which maximizes your revenues thanks to programmatic advertising. They are positioned on one type of auction: the CPM (cost per thousand).

They offer a great choice of ad units such as:

·         Standard ad units. You will find the megabanner, the skyscrapper, the billboard or even the top medium rectangle.

·         High impact ad units. There is the skin, the interstitial or recommended content.

·         Video ad units. Indeed, videos are great sources of revenues. The content of the ad video only launches when the ad unit appears on the screen. 

Adsterra is also an advertising platform present in 248 countries. Their ads work on mobile as well as on desktop. 

They offer a more reduced number of ad units: 

·         The popunder, which displays ads in a new window or tab and can be hidden behind the main browser window. 

·         The webpush, which doesn’t need opt-ins and works on all operating systems and browsers. 

·         The native banner, which executes native ads in CPC, CPM and CPA. 

·         The display banner,

·         The video pre-rolls.

How do The Moneytizer and Adsterra work?

The Moneytizer

When subscribing to The Moneytizer, the publisher needs to own a website with a minimum of unique visitors per month. To appreciate the features, you do not need a Google Adsense account. The Moneytizer solution is entirely independent from Google. 

The advertising agency has more than 50 SSP competing as well as 40,000 websites on its network. 

The quality of the support is one of its main strengths because you can contact one of the 10 people of the Customer Success team, dedicated to the speed and ease of your setup. This can be done by phone call or email and in many languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian and German. 

The new dashboard offers a great understanding and is really easy to navigate. 


Adsterra is a self-service platform, each process is automatized for the handling of the tool. 

You get online support by a multilingual chat, 24h/24 and 7d/7. You can benefit from a specific help on the choice of the ad units and or settings. 

Payment options are integrated on your account, however you should know that payout starts at 1,000 dollars. 

Adsterra offers an anti-Adblock solution contributing to higher CTR, because it can display most ads even those concerned by the usage of Adblock’s programs. 

To benefit from their services and support to develop your company, you must make a minimum deposit of $100.

Each accepted website is inspected before being approved by their security software. Moreover, Adsterra uses a three-level security system with a mix of fraud detection systems and human control. 

The platform has full targeting inventory except for browser versions, operating system, operator, user lifetime and IP targeting. It stays alert on operating system and browser updates. You can modify the campaigns in progress and follow the statistics in real time.

The projection and simulation of your results

The Moneytizer

You have the opportunity to simulate your revenues with The Moneytizer. 

This simulation needs 3 criteria:

·         The country of your target audience,

·         The number of pages viewed per month,

·         The average time spent per page.


No information is communicated on their official website. However, their different feedback on Trustpilot indicates a satisfactory level. 

To conclude, those two monetization platforms present interesting characteristics. Whether it is the number of ad units, the quality of support during the setup or the ease of use, they offer a complete service to their users. 

We can note that Adsterra lacks transparency when it comes to the opportunity of generating revenues as well as a fewer number of SSPs compared to The Moneytizer. 

Furthermore, The Moneytizer’s algorithm enables them to offer the best CPM at any given moment. As stated earlier, its SSP network allows it to offer an advantageous technology, usually reserved for premium websites. The optimization and the support are personalized.

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