5 monetization mistakes to avoid


5 monetization mistakes to avoid

If you are a publisher, chances are you want to monetize your website. Though it has become easier and more accessible, monetization remains a subject as tricky as it is essential for publishers. There are many variables and your efforts can sometimes produce inconsistent results. We will therefore try to explain the main obstacles to the monetization of your site or blog and how to remedy them. 

1. Too many ads on one page scare off your target audience

Publishers must be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that “more ads” always equals “more money,” because it is not true.

Moreover, getting more ad impressions can be your objective, but it won’t be your visitors’. They come with a goal, they are looking for something precise in your content. If they don’t get answers to their questions and are annoyed with their user experience, they will go to other sites and not return to yours.

Avoid displaying too many ads and combine formats

To avoid this, you can place several formats on the same page. You simply have to make sure that the page is not overflowing with ads and that it does not negatively affect the user experience. 

You can also combine different ad units that do not look the same and interact in a different way with users: banners with popunders/ video ads and native banners/ native ads with push ads. 

2. Poor placement of ad units

The home page, or the first page of your website, isn’t always the best place to display ads. For instance, for many news websites, visitors often quickly access other pages on the site, sometimes bypassing the home page. Many people also wish to access directly to the “Latest articles” category. 

Websites offer marketing specialists a great opportunity to discover how their target audience really interacts with the content of their website. Researchers have studied this interaction and developed algorithms that can give you information about anonymous visitors. You can now check how your visitors interact with your pages, which spots are visible and which are ignored. Determine which banners or active parts of your site get the most traffic, which sections get the fewest clicks, and what attracts visitors to scroll back down the page.

3. Ad networks “duplicate” scripts on your website lead to a poor monetization

Sometimes your web pages can experience slow loading times due to duplicate scripts from two or more ad networks. For this reason, it is important to identify the effect it has on your traffic and to limit the number of duplicate scripts that slow down the loading of the page. 

Vous saurez également quels formats conviennent le mieux à votre trafic. When you focus on one ad network, you have a clear idea of how it works and the types of ads it displays.

If you need to switch from one ad network to another, the process of adapting these new ads to your website can take time and money. 

4. You delete the ad network script too soon

A common mistake for websites is to immediately check the monetization statistics. Even though it is an important element to decide whether an ad campaign has been successful or not, the process can sometimes take some time. A passive revenue can be generated almost instantly, but it all depends on how much traffic you can expect to receive, and where and how your ads are placed.

Ad networks may also use artificial intelligence algorithms, which first analyze your site to select the ad offers that best match your traffic. Otherwise, you can also trust the expertise of The Moneytizer team to help you with your placements. 

5. You create a site for search engine algorithms 

If you have created your site with the sole purpose of making money, it is a sad mistake. Obviously, wanting to earn money from your site is normal but you must first think about your visitors. If users immediately leave your site, then stop coming altogether, what are you going to do? Unfortunately, without traffic, you will get nothing.

You should create a website for organic human traffic, for real people with real needs. Publish unique and useful quality content on your site for your audience. Try to interact with your users, answer questions, add value to current topics, and provide relevant services.

This way, more potential clients will come and even await with impatience your next message. They will write critics and comments, share your content and certainly recommend your services to their relatives.

Need guidance on your monetization strategy? The Moneytizer Customer Success team is available to provide you with personalized advice on how to increase your ad revenue with ease.  

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