The seasonality of online advertising



Like any business, online advertising is not immune to seasonality. But what does this mean for publishers? It’s essential to be aware of these periods in order to prepare and adapt to them. Of course, nothing is set in stone when it comes to online advertising. However, this article is here to give you the main trends of seasonality and avoid surprises. 

High seasonality

If you have been monetizing your site with online advertising for several years, the best time to do so will not have escaped you. It’s the last part of the year, also known as Q4 to industry professionals. This is when advertisers plan to spend the most money on advertising. In fact, the period is launched at the beginning of November to prepare for Black Friday and extends until Christmas. During Q4, the value of ad space and fill rate increases, which means your revenue increases. 

In addition to the last quarter, certain events can encourage advertising investments. Among them, we can think of Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. If you have a sports website, the weeks preceding the big sports events can also be profitable.  

Low seasonality

These periods are always dreaded by publishers. Irreversibly, January and August are the months when advertising investments are the lowest. They fall back after more intense periods, especially in January after the great Q4. So don’t worry, spring and back-to-school always come along to boost your revenues. 

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do during this time. Take advantage of this quieter time to make improvements to your website. Whether it’s a design or SEO overhaul, now is the time to get started since it will only slightly affect your monetization. On the other hand, you will see the positive effects as soon as your advertising investments increase. It’s also a good opportunity to test new formats, or simply to modify your advertising set-up to try things out.  

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These major online advertising trends are a necessary benchmark to have as a publisher. Understanding seasonality is the ability to anticipate and be sure to optimize your website and your revenues at the right times. 

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