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  • The advantages of the different ad units

    At The Moneytizer, we offer various ad units to make sure they are adapted to your website. Some banners can be more captivating than others.  Displaying the most suitable ones will help you generate more revenue. You should know that not all ad units work on all websites. We can help you to find the ones that will work best for you. Let’s have a look at the 3 main types of ad units. 

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  • 3 ways to optimize your website and increase your revenue

    Did you know that a few small changes on your website can have a big impact on your revenues? If your website isn’t properly optimized, you could lose part of your potential benefits. Indeed, research shows that 90% of the websites using AdSense aren’t optimized to the maximum. Let’s analyze 3 ways to optimize your website to increase your ad revenues. 

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  • 3 Tips for a good blog article

    Nowadays, a blog is essential to communicate on the internet. Well-written articles increase the visibility of your brand. However, thousands of articles are written everyday and you need to differentiate yourself. Here are a few tips for a good blog article!

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  • How to re-engage your current audience?

    When you have a website or a blog, you constantly need to grow your audience. The next big challenge is to re-engage your current one. It is important to keep up the interest and the engagement of your audience to benefit from it. We are going to give you 4 ways to do that. 

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  • The psychology behind programmatic advertising

    Did you know that 5.3 trillions ads are displayed on the internet each year? Such a huge number can lead you to two thoughts: that there are too many ads and it’s impossible for an advertiser to stand out, or that online advertising works so well that everyone wants to do it! 

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  • Online ads: what advertisers expect from you

    Advertisers can help you earn money by filling up your ad inventory. However, for them to purchase your ad spaces, you need to meet some criteria. Advertisers have more subjective criteria than the ones deciding if your website is appropriate. To get a better understanding of online advertising, we’ll tell you what those are. 

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  • Why is ads viewability so important?

    The ads viewability is the measure to describe the visibility of ads on a website by the sites audience. In 2014, the IAB and the Media Rating Council determined that to be considered visible, at least half of an ad must be displayed for at least 1 second for an image or 2 seconds for a video. 

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