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  • 2022 AdTech Trends

    The AdTech trends of tomorrow will be very different from the ones of today, and advertisers that wish to stay at the cutting edge of technology will have to keep up with the innovations. In this article, we will describe the main AdTech trends for 2022, so that you can start preparing. 

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  • Monetize your sports blog

    You wish to create your own sports blog and transmit your passion for sport? Not only start, you would also like to earn money thanks to it? You’re right, all work deserves to be paid! There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to monetizing a sports blog. But which one should you choose? What are the traps you should avoid? Here are some tips to help you get started. 

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  • How to optimize your website’s revenue?

    Learning how to optimize your website’s revenue means using optimization methods to get more attention from advertisers. 

    To increase your revenues, The Moneytizer provides you with a range of solutions by putting advertisers in competition with each other to ensure you get the best CPM. Only, to optimize your CPM, you need some good advice.

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  • Lazy Loading Explanation

    Lazy loading is a technique which allows the display of ads when the users scroll a web page. This way, they are more likely to see them. The ads located above the fold are immediately visible whereas the ones below won’t be displayed from the beginning. 

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  • SEO: How to choose the right keywords?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) represents a set of criteria to be respected so that your target customer can find you more easily on search engines. Choosing the right keywords is not a matter of chance and should not be neglected in your digital marketing strategy. SEO should be considered as a foundation if your goal is to monetize your website

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  • DSP, SSP, Ad Exchange… Online advertising explained

    Did you know that a few years ago online advertising was more complex? Buying and selling ad spaces between advertisers and publishers could take up to a couple of weeks. Traveling to meet in real life, phone canvassing… It seems like ages ago when you look at the current situation and the technologic means that we now have to help the concretisation of transactions.  Fortunately, automated processes facilitate exchanges, when it used to take so long. 

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  • Boost your traffic with social media 

    How to boost your website’s traffic by using social media? At first sight, the goal seems simple. You just have to generate traffic by publishing content on social media. Alright, but what do you gain? Visibility for your company, which is crucial because we are talking about the acquisition of qualified leads, about the conversion of prospects into customers and how to fidelize them

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