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  • How to Use LinkedIn to Increase Traffic

    Attracting new visitors to your website is one of the best ways to increase your ad revenue, but it can also be a challenge. Some of the more traditional ways of expanding your reach, like optimizing your website for SEO, can take a long time to take effect. Those tactics are still important, as they will help steadily grow your traffic. If you’re looking for a quicker, more immediate way to bring more visitors to your site, consider using LinkedIn to share your content.

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  • Advertising Trading Desks

    Trading desks are one of the more complex concepts when it comes to programmatic advertising. In general, trading desks are a centralized service that manages bidding and audience buying. Their purchases happen in real time and works similarly to a trading desk on the stock exchange, using an auction system to increase prices on popular spots.

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  • Retargeting Creates Customers

    As you probably already know, only about 2% of visitors convert to customers on their first interaction with an online store, advertisement or product. In fact, the marketing “Rule of 7” says that people need to be exposed to your brand or offer at least seven times before they truly notice it and take action.

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  • Explaining Programmatic Words, Part One

    We know that navigating all the words and acronyms in the advertising world can be tricky and overwhelming. That’s why here at The Moneytizer, we make it easy for you. Once you sign up with us, we handle all of the confusing and overwhelming aspects of advertising so you can focus on your business and bringing people to your website. If you’re still curious about what some of those advertising terms are all about, though, we’ve got a list of some here.

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  • Implementing Progressive Web Apps

    There is much debate on the internet about what a progressive web app actually is. There is a conclusion that progressive web apps all meet three criteria: running under HTTPS, having a Web App Manifest, and having a service worker. Beyond this, progressive web apps are apps that are delivered through the internet as opposed to sold through stores. They also share a number of common attributes, including being responsive, connectivity independent, fresh, safe, discoverable, installable, and linkable.

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  • Building an Email Subscriber List

    Having a good quality email list is a key part of doing business online. From general messages that build trust, to newsletters that inform to product launches that sell. While figuring out the content to include in your emails can sometimes seem tricky, creating a solid email list can also be difficult. We’re going to look at a few ways that you can build your list.

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