Every definition about the advertising industry

Understanding the definitions of words coming from the advertising industry can be confusing. This guide will give you the basics of what you need to know. By understanding the meaning of these words, you can better understand how advertising works and how to use it to your advantage. So let's get started!

  • DCO (Dynamic Content Optimization)

    Technology that allows the right message to be displayed at the right time by adapting ads and advertising formats in real time.

  • DMP (Data Management Platform)

    A Data Management Platform (DMP) collects, organizes and activates first, second and third party audience data from a variety of online, offline and mobile sources. It then uses this data to build detailed customer profiles that feed into targeted advertising and personalization initiatives.

  • Demand-Side Platforms (DSP)

    Platform that allows to automate the purchase of advertising inventories such as display, video, mobile and search. It is therefore a tool that allows advertisers to buy programmatic advertising.

  • Demographics

    Statistical characteristics of an audience such as age, gender, or economic status.

  • Detagging

    Neologism which designates the fact of removing tags present on a page or a web site.

  • Direct Buy (Flat Deal) Direct Deal

    An advertising buying method where the advertiser agrees to bid on the inventory offered by the publisher using a fixed, pre-negotiated CPM. The bidding is not mandatory, but the advertiser has a "favored" opportunity to bid at this fixed CPM.

  • Direct Tracking (Cookieless/Redirectless Tracking)

    Cookieless tracking provides a way to collect audience information when a user rejects cookie consent or when cookies are not supported. Instead of a cookie, a cookieless tracking solution tracks every user who visits their website using scripts that only run when they visit a web page.

  • Domain

    Name in the address of your website that visitors type in their browser. It is always better to choose a domain name related to the product or service you offer.

  • Domain Authority (DA)

    Created by Moz, this tool predicts the ranking of a site in a search engine.

  • Duplicate Content

    When large parts of a site's content are similar or close to that of another site.